Mo Jing-yi, Shou Cleric

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This is the randomly generated description that the website Fantasy Name Generator came up with. As you can see, it needs a lot of work before we can use it, but the bones if it are great. Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.22.23 PM.png

Let’s start with the first paragraph.

To me, awkwardly means messy or badly coiffed hair. Wide amber eyes are far apart. And yet, set graciously might suggest that they are pretty eyes. A lean menacing face with pretty eyes. That’s kind of cool.

Now, the oily awkward hair suggest that she either doesn’t care, or can’t care for lack of funds or time. She watches over kids, so well say there is no time and money to take care of herself. Let’s add that she’d love to, though, and often daydreams of wealth and leisure for her and hers.

Next, she watches readily over some children. Her own? Is she a mother, or a school mistress, or maybe runs an orphanage? What ever it is, she’s diligent at it. Let’s say she’s a mom with a lot of kids. That support the idea that she has little time to care for herself. Lean, menacing face? She’s a single mom, poor and beleaguered. No family nearby, and few friends to confide in. Any face would be a little hardened by the experience.

So far this seems like a cohesive story. See what I mean about this part being really subjective? More dice rolls would be useless and only add the the confusion.

Paragraph 2Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.15.08 PM.png

Wow, how unlucky is that!? Depends, really. A birthmark could be seen as a mark of favor from the gods as easily as the touch of evil, or even considered a sign of poor character from birth. The choice will affect her perceived attractiveness within the community, too. She’s shaping up to be unlucky, so we’ll run with the birthmark as an “alleged” sign of some evil. It’s big and on her face, so she she wears her “shame” in full view, always. Her grandmother, whom she loved deeply and misses to this day, had a similar birthmark.

Add on: What about her parents? We’ll say that they look normal, adding that she still visits her parents who live just outside of town. Mom is a hedge witch, and dad is a druggist—a potion monger.

Paragraph 3Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.17.30 PM.png

Faith Hanson? We already have a name for her, so nix that. She’s a true opportunist among humans and her alignment is already chaotic good. That still works. She’s poor, with a lot of mouths to feed. As a family oriented woman she’d do anything for her children. But without a partner to help out, the survival of her and hers depends on her leaping on any opportunity that comes her way.

She stands short among other others, could mean she isn’t living with humans or the humans she lives with are tall. Despite her scraggy frame? The dice says she’s almost on the chunky side. I guess we could say that she’s all muscle, but if she’s poor there wouldn’t be enough food to support such a muscular frame. We’ll call it a contradiction and let the dice roll decision stand. Scraggy maybe also suggests being unkept. We’ll use that, too.

Paragraph 4Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.18.25 PM.png

There is something bewildering about her. That suggests that she is a study in contradictions. Perhaps it’s her good will or perhaps it’s simply a feeling of anguish. Good will meshes with what we have so far. Feeling of anguish come from wanting more for herself and her family, being a social outsider because of her birthmark, and the loss of her beloved grandmother.

“But nonetheless, people tend to assist her.” That’s right, she a good person with bad luck. Poor, odd-looking, single parent, family name besmirched. She makes everyone in town uncomfortable, and everyone feels bad about it. Some are even condescendingly generous to her. “Making up bigger stories” about her, screams gossip to me. Okay then

The blacksmith leans forward. “People say that the father of the quadruplets (her kids) was a lecherous minor prince who, catching her alone, had his way with her. The birthmark, you ask? From the old curse, of course—ten generations old. Eh? Cursed, from what? Why, she’s related to the most notorious necromancer ever to desecrate the natural work of the gods!”

We’ll call this ancient relation the necromancer “Faith Hanson” (waste not want not, right?) better known as the “Black Faith of Hanson”. Now we can add another bit of gossip.

“…but Black Faith never died! She became a litch of terrible power, and hides in the Morbid Hills to this day, sustaining the undead who wander within them!…”

Yes, it’s her family’s fault that the Morbid Hills are lousy with undead. Might not be true, but that’s what they whisper behind her back. Anyway,

“That’s why the birthmark—the same as Black Faith had! And that’s why she is poor, of course. She and every generation after Black Faith have suffered terribly for that horrible necromancer’s sins. So remember, stranger, do not associate with her or else the taint of that curse might cling to you, too. Shhh, now! Here she comes!”

One last thing. I wanted her to have lots of kids. More than four, adopted maybe. Let’s break out a six-sider: A one. Well, okay. Four kids of her own, and one orphan she adopted.

Awesome. Next time, where she lives.



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Everyone, meet Mila Häfdottir, Half-orc, Barbarian.

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