What if I build a character using as many dice-generated results as possible?

How far into character creation can I get? How many places can the dice even be used? Would a character even be playable when generated this way?

Curious? Good, because I want to find out, too. Let’s do it!

Continue reading “Dicey Characters Project”


If you believe that its not worth a lot of time to build macro-politics into your adventure, you’d be right.

In fact, having a few essential details in your mind shouldn’t take you long, and it will be enough to give your adventure a little context. Continue reading “Design a Political Angle”

Everyone, meet Mila Häfdottir, Half-orc, Barbarian.

Mila is my proof-of-concept for random generation of role-playable PCs.

The hardest part was getting the stats for saves and bonus right. I’m a pre 5e druid/ranger person, and never play a half-orc before. Or a barbarian for that matter. Creating Mila was breaking all new ground for me.

There will be boo-boos in the stats. When you find them, pleeze let me know. And if you play test her, let me know how it goes! Continue reading “Mila Hafdottir”

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