Nice Table

Placeholder Image

To mix, just add dice.

This handsome image of a table might have been intended as a placeholder stock photo, but is still perfect for my first post. So I’m keeping it.

Odd for an inaugural post of an RPG player’s site? Not in the least. After all, I am a tabletop RPG player. This is where it all begins: the table.

Any veteran RPG player, and any tabletop game player, recognize how exactly cool this table is for what we do. Broad, flat, large with plenty of place for chairs, dice, rules, maps, miniatures, snacks and/or, of course, caffeinated beverages. In fact, just to prove the last point, there are two coffee cups in the photo, there waiting, waiting for D.M. & Co.

Not your favorite type of surface? Prefer linoleum or tile or such? Good on you, and to each their own! Imperfections? Sure, the table isn’t perfect, but for me it has the soul to make up for it.

And the table is rectangular, allowing players to emote their little hearts out without going horse trying to be heard by the DM. Not like those big, round banquet tables convention centers use. They put so much space between you and whoever is across from you that you might as well play a different game.

What else is cool: It’s wood. What better table than one of wood table. most Artificial hard tables are too smooth and bouncy for dice. Gaea’s Gown I love wood tables. Oh, I like that it’s in a quaint retail space, I presume a coffeehouse or the like. Tabletop RPGs are the most social game you can play short of olympic wrestling (which isn’t done on a table anyway.) Where better than a communal and friendly environment like a coffee house.

Of course, once a party of four players and a DM show up, things can get pretty rowdy. The chips start flying, rule books are stabbed with index fingers, and pencil erasers are worn flat. But up till then… all communal and friendly.

At home I use the dining room table, but I always wondered what it would be like to play at one of those purpose-built, felt-covered, pool-table-with-drawers kind of tables I see in the magazines. Still, I’m pretty “ol’skool”. Regular wood table is fine with me.  End-Article-Dice


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