Pinterest = Idea Food

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.49.20 AM
Screenshot of original art by Anna Shulgina


You have to love Pinterest

…when it comes to showing off collections of internet images and ideas. But, as a consumer of said collections, only when it is wrapped in a robust Google search does it become a high-nutrient, D&D home-brewer’s snack food!

It’s not magic. Just delicious goodness made of high percentage of the nutrient-rich web ingredients DiviantArt and Artstation.

But its the Pinterest stabilizer in this Idea Fodder that brings them all together into a single, creativity-fueled brain meal. Yum!

I often get my ideas for home-brew magic items and exotic equipment, even descriptions of NPCs using this combination of resources.  How about this one from Deviant Art, via Pinterest, via Google?

A magic weapon that’s liquid in a bottle. When shaken out, the fluid coalesces into a liquid sword, sharp as a razor and hard as steel! Oh boy, I intend to home-brew something from this. How about this:

It’s attached to the relevant plane of existence. The sword has a companion dagger. When touched together, the user can cast a particular water-based spell. There are sister weapons linked to the other elemental planes with their own effects and abilities. Made by a powerful cadre of demigods or demons. they have sent minions to hunt down his lost items and who will eventually find you.

Who cares if there is a preexisting item that looks exactly the same for WotC “Magic” or some RPG? The art is just the seed for a new idea.  End-Article-Dice


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