Mila Häfdóttir

Mila Häfdóttir

Dicey Mila BW
Everyone, meet Mila Häfdóttir, Half-orc, Barbarian.

Mila is my proof-of-concept for random generation of role-playable PCs.

Mila and Dice
“Mila and Dice” 2017 Seven element collage. Digital assemblage. By GS Morey. Inspired by the art of kiikii-sempai (Kii W.) Please check out her other work!

The hardest part was getting the stats for saves and bonus right. I’m a pre 5e druid/ranger player, and never play a half-orc before. Or a barbarian for that matter. Creating Mila was breaking all new ground for me.

There will be boo-boos in the stats. When you find them, pleeze let me know. And if you play test her, let me know how it goes!

I played Mila last Thursday in a pickup game mastered by the talented and flexible Nathanial, at my LFGS, Meltdown Comics. Totally fun and hope to continue with her next week!  I got to use Rage for the first time (Grarrrgh!), and she wielded a “glaive” pole arm, a weapon with the “reach” characteristic. Again a first for any PC I’ve played!

Nathanial is patient in the extreme. First time players come and go in his games, and it must be like herding cats. But his flexibility allows us ignorant fun, while still giving more experienced 1-shotters a little excitement in his home-brew land. He’ll be there all summer, folks. So pop by Meltdown Comics on Thursday at 7pm. [Update 8-Jul: My dad broke his hip, so I’m currently playing a 1st level human “Beleaguered Nursemaid” instead of Mila, and leveling up fast!]

The most intriguing thing about Mila is her personality. There are some interesting contradictions in there, but if we read it as what different colleagues and friends think of her, then the contradictions makes a little more sense.

I think hardcore RP gamers will find her personality has the sort of contradictions we all have as people—making her an adventure to play and grow with. Yet she’s got the stats to toss aside the background and survive in an old school dungeon crawl.

Color/flavor aspects (unless otherwise stated) will be generated using the D&D 5e Player’s Handbook, and the website

The character sheet is a kit-bash home-brew I thew together for this project (includes two ways to look at the key data points.)

This character workup is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. (If you are not familiar with it, give it a read. It’s super easy.) You’re free to play these characters and tweak them further to your liking.   End-Article-Dice

Here’s the character sheet. Random Mila by GSMorey 06-2017

For background on this project, see Dicey Characters Project.
For the first official Dicey Character, see Mo Jing-Yi.



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