Hobbyte Dungeon Builder


A3 example very small.jpg
Hobbyte’s new Isometric Mapping Program

I have been watching this kickstarter project evolve. A program that makes isometric line-drawn maps on parchment-tan background that feel vintage, yet have a level of exactness no one can argue with. I don’t know of any others.In fact, the sample maps looks “wow” good. Extremely easy to read, and beautifully rendered, they do not need intense color.

Dungeon Builder incorporates isometric tiles in the basic program and let you add your own for even more flexibility.

What I’ve seen is very enticing. I hope it is easy to use. There’s a free demo that I have downloaded and will report back to you on what I think. But on the face of it, Hobbit may be onto something good.

-GSM   End-Article-Dice


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