The Dicey Characters Project

The Dicey Characters Project


What if I build a character using as many dice-generated results as I can possibly stand? How far into character creation can I get? How many places can the dice even be reasonably used?

Would a character even be playable when generated this way?

Curious? Good, because I want to find out, too. Let’s do it!


Dicey Characters Project is an ongoing, periodic series. In it, I’ll build PC’s using as many randomly-generated numbers as possible.


Here’s how it’ll work. Using the WotC D&D 5e Player’s Handbook, and an appropriate set of dice I will let the rolls dictate who and what the player character is. The six main attributes will be rolled in order, once. No mix and matching. Assign a number to the races, and dice roll them, too. Anything that uses a dice role will be rolled. Any other list or options that can be assigned a dice roll will be rolled. Then I pick the best class given the race-adjusted numbers, and pull out this thread as far as it will go. This is part one.

Part two is fleshing out the character with history, name, habits, appearance, etc. These too will be randomly generated. I’ll use one of the online auto generators for this.*

*Statisticians, stay away from me with your pointed pencils. No one else can see the imperfections you see. Instead, come over to the dark side. We have cookies.

Each character will be unique, as will the process that created it. I may never do it the same way twice.


Out of the randomness, I’ll build a D&D PC that can survive an adventure, and be fun to role-play. From building Mila Häfdottir I discovered that there are a few places where the random train crashes.

  • Impossible contradictions or places where rolling would be just too silly. In the first case I’ll re roll. In the second I’ll just pick. You’ll always be told when this happens.
  • I’ll also let myself to re roll one time when the autogenerated description simply sucks.
  • Finally, anachronistic parts, nonsensical phrases, and bad grammar will be removed or fixed. Again, you’ll always know when I’ve done this. There will be no secrets.

Stats will be recorded. Random personality, homeland and stuff will be written into a complete background story. All of this will “eventually” be posted for download. Creative Commons licensing all the way.

There’s already Mila, my proof-of-concept. Next is…who knows? Coming soon, so stay close. (Update: “next” is Mo Jing-Yi.)  End-Article-Dice


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